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Do you repair all kinds of appliance brands and appliances?

-Yes, we repair all types of brands for any residential or commercial appliances such as, stoves, ovens, freezers, fridges, ranges, microwaves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, wine coolers, trash compactors, BBQ grills, fireplaces…etc.

What do you not repair?

-We don’t repair any kind of low voltage electronics such as televisions, game consoles, DVD player, and alarm systems.

Do you repair HVAC’s?

-Yes, we repair all types of HVAC’s.

Do you replace/install new appliances?

-Yes, we are capable of installing and/or replacing any appliances, we even have discounts with many appliance manufacturers.

What does free support, free diagnose, and free technical support mean?

 -This limited time discount offer expires January 1st  2012.  It literally means that when you call us, we come to you and diagnose your appliance and give you an estimate of repair cost with technical support 100%, TOTALLY FREE!

What if I have an emergency!?

-In that type of situation , we do provide an express repair service for emergencies for a small industry standard service fee of $44.99 that is accredited to the total service charge of all express repairs.

Are you properly licensed?

-Yes.  We are the proud owners of a Type “A” license issued by the Bureau of Electronic & Appliance Repair Association from the Department of Consumer Affairs. We also require all of our technicians to be licensed under all current California license regulations. Our state issued license number is 46068.

Are you guys insured?

-Yes, we are fully insured not to only protect our interests but the interests of our loyal customers.

Why is appliance maintenance so important?

-It is critically important to have regular maintenance on your appliance before it gets broken or cause severe injury or death. Regular maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in damages, energy costs and new appliance replacements.

Are you pet friendly?

-Yes, we love pets!

What are your payment options?

-You can pay us through credit cards, checks, or cash.

Are your services available on weekends?

-Yes, from 9:00a.m-3:00p.m

Is my personal information secure?

-Yes.  Our processing center has strong security protocols certificates, anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.

Are you with Coco?

-Yes we are!

What are the terms of your warranty?

-Standard 30 day warranty for labor and depending on manufacturer details, 1 year part warranty.

All liability is exempt if appliance consumer does not follow state safety regulations and/or manufacturer’s safety/user guidelines.